TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — An 18-year-old from North Carolina is in the market for a new truck after winning $1 million off a scratch-off while headed to his second job, the North Carolina Lottery announced.

“I left work and was going to my second job,” said Dalton Radford of Dallas, NC. “I stopped for a White Monster drink and two Carolina Jackpot tickets.”

Radford, who works as a public works employee, bought his winning ticket Friday from Will’s Food Store III. When the teen checked his tickets in the parking lot, he realized he was holding a winning ticket.

“I thought, ‘Hey! I just won a million dollars,’” Radford told the lottery. “I called my mom, dad, and grandpa. Everyone was happy.”

Radford said his big win comes just weeks after his grandpa made an interesting prediction.

“He said I would win $1 million two weeks ago,” Radford said.

Radford chose to receive a one-time lump-sum payment of $600,000.

The 18-year-old said he plans to save most of his winnings, but does have one exciting purchase planned.

“I think I’ll buy a brand-new Silverado,” Radford said.

After required state and federal tax withholdings, Radford took home $426,063.