MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Sept. 19 is ‘National Voter Registration Day’! It’s celebrated every year to remind people to get out there and vote. It is in September, so all voters have enough time to get registered or update their registration, ahead of the next election. We here at News 5 want to make sure your voice is heard, so here’s some information about voter registration in Alabama, Florida & Mississippi:

You must be 18 years old, a legal resident of the county you’re registering in, and not be convicted of a felony to register.


You can register at the DMV when you get your license or go to the state election website and submit an online application. Be sure to submit one at least 29 days ahead of any election you wish to vote in, even when registering online. You’ll get a voter registration card in the mail with your polling place, but you do not need it to cast your ballot. Florida has a ‘closed primary’ system, so if you wish to vote in primary elections, you must declare a party to do so. 


You can also register to vote in Alabama online by going to the Secretary of State’s website. In Alabama, you’ll get a voter registration card in the mail that confirms your polling location — but you are not required to bring it with you when you vote. Alabama does not have a closed primary system, the only time you’ll be asked your political party is when you are given a ballot to vote. If you have changed addresses recently, you need to resubmit a voter registration — there is not a separate “change of address” form. You must have your voter registration up-to-date 15 days before the election. 


You can only register to vote by mail in Mississippi. You can get registration forms from the Secretary of State’s office, public libraries, driver’s license exam stations – and a few other municipal buildings. You can also print out the form from the Secretary of State’s website. Those applications are due, by mail, at least 30 days before an election you’re trying to vote in.