GEORGE COUNTY, Miss. (WKRG) – A local utility service says water pressure is restored in George County’s Agricola community after reported outages throughout the day Thursday, Dec. 8.

Combined Utilities, Inc. gave notice on its Facebook page Tuesday of scheduled maintenance at the Agricola well beginning that evening and lasting up to a week with “lower than normal” water pressure possible.

Multiple customers commented on the post throughout the day Thursday reporting issues with water pressure in their homes.

Danny Eubanks, reached by text message Friday, said water pressure in his home was low enough most of Wednesday into Thursday to make appliances unusable.

“When I left for work [Thursday], there wasn’t enough water pressure to do nothing. I couldn’t get the shower running and there was just barely anything coming out of the sink faucet,” he said.

At Agricola Elementary, multiple parents told WKRG that only a few restrooms were open and most toilets couldn’t flush while sinks wouldn’t run for students to be able to wash hands.

In an announcement after the school day on Thursday, the George County School District said the utility work resulted in low water pressure and some interruption in service. 

“The George County School District is in constant contact with Combined Utilities and is closely monitoring the impact the utility work is having on Agricola Elementary School.  As of now, Agricola Elementary School will remain open on Friday, December 9,” the note said.

A final update at 6:50 p.m. Thursday said school would remain in session on Friday.

“My kids said they had to use the toilet after other kids without being able to flush in between. When the school said they would still be open Friday, we still didn’t have water pressure back to normal at home. What we did have didn’t look right,” Eubanks said.

Combined Utilities reported Thursday evening water service was restored but customers in Agricola could continue to have lower than normal pressure for a few more days with discolored water possible.

School administrators did not immediately answer questions Friday morning about whether issues persisted at Agricola Elementary.