LUCEDALE, Miss. (WKRG) – The search for a teen from Lucedale, Mississippi is still active one week after she was reported missing.

17-year-old Kadence Hoffele went missing on Tuesday, Oct. 11 from Lucedale. She was living with her aunt after her family lost their home in a south Louisiana storm earlier this year.

With each day, Kandence’s mother has become more worried for the teen’s safety.

“I’ve tried everything,” said Nichole Hoffele. “I feel like everybody I know has tried everything and we just are coming up empty handed and it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

The family reported Kadence’s disappearance to Lucedale Police and has not been satisfied with the department’s response. Chief Kellum Fairley said investigators have done everything they can with the very few leads and information they have. The teen’s mother said she did not go to school or make any friends in Mississippi.

Sheriff deputies are also on alert in Lafourche and Livingston Parishes, Louisiana where the teen’s parents live. Hoffele worries her daughter may have been coerced by and left with a person she met online. 

Her social media accounts were deactivated after she went missing and her location has not pinged. She has a cell phone but no service. It can only be used with a Wi-Fi connection.

Hoffele believes the teen has a limited supply of medication for a mental health disorder that will eventually run out and put her in danger.

“I’m getting no sleep, so I’m living off the caffeine,” said Hoffele. “I can’t rest on the off chance I’m so worried that I’m gonna close my eyes and then she’s gonna try to call me or she’s gonna try to message me.”

Pleas for help finding her daughter on social media have been shared thousands of times. Hoffele’s received hundreds of messages from people with theories and possible information, but few tips of value.

She believes someone may know where Kadence is and wants them to speak up. Kadence is about 5’10” and 160 lbs. She typically wears sweatshirts and leggings and has platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She has several ear piercings and a nose piercing and scars on both arms.

“I want her to know that she can come home,” said Hoffele. “I’m not angry at all. I’m just so worried. I won’t stop until I hear from her.”

Anyone with information about Kadence’s location can call Hoffele at 985-278-2020.