GEORGE COUNTY, Miss. (WKRG) – George County Schools remains on probation status after an annual report from the Mississippi Department of Education.

The Commission on School Accreditation delivered its assignments of district accreditation statuses to the state board of education on Nov. 10.

In all, a dozen out of 137 public school districts are on probation status. The others are all “Accredited”. 

Probation is assigned to any district that fails to comply with 100% of the Accreditation Policies and Process Standards. Each district is required to develop and implement a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) with defined timelines to address the deficiencies.

Probation status acts as a warning to school districts not in compliance with the standards. No funding changes, diploma invalidation, or other penalties are made while districts are on probation.

If districts fail to make progress towards executing its corrective action plan and come into compliance in a reasonable timeframe, the commission can recommend they be downgraded to “Withdrawn” and lose their accreditation status. This, in part, limits the district’s ability to compete in athletics and may cause a state takeover initiated by the governor.

George County Schools has been on probation since October 2021 after an investigative audit found it out of compliance with 24 out of 32 process standards.

The district is currently out of compliance with 11 standards, including issues related to superintendent and school board duties, graduation requirements, special education and school facilities.

The latest date for when the district planned to have corrections implemented was August 2022, according to its corrective action plan.

The district will remain on Probation status indefinitely. To return to Accredited status, MDE must approve evidence the district submits that it came into compliance with the 14 outstanding violations.