LEAKESVILLE, Miss. (WKRG) – A Civil War battle will be remembered in Greene County for its 158th anniversary on Dec. 10.

Part of Davidson’s Raid, nearly two dozen soldiers died at the Battle of McLeod’s Mill during the waning months of the war in late 1864, the only major conflict of the Pine Belt.

The events Saturday will re-enact the battle and include period-specific blacksmith demonstration, food vendors and a general store. It is the ninth year of the reenactment.

A historical marker placed near the River Street boat ramp in Leakesville by the state archives in 2014 reads:

“In November 1864, Union Brig. Gen. John Davidson led an expedition from Baton Rouge toward the Mobile & Ohio R.R. On December 10, part of his force crossed the Chickasawhay River and met two Confederate cavalry regiments at McLeods Mill. After some initial success, the Federals were repulsed. Both sides suffered losses, including Lt. Albert Westinghouse of the 2nd N.Y. Cavalry, the brother of Inventor George Westinghouse. After the action at Leakesville, Davidson abandoned his raid and moved south.”

Marker with the Chickasawhay River and old River Street bridge in background.

Two of the dead soldiers, one Union, the other Confederate, were dragged 200 yards from the creek and buried together in an old wagon bed, according to a narrative from the Greene County Historical Society. The Leakesville American Legion Post placed stone markers at the site in 1946.

Perry and Greene counties once had larger numbers of Union supporters than the rest of the Pine Belt and most parts of the state.

Swamps in lower Greene County once served as a haven for deserters. An island on Bear Pond near the current George County line served as a “hideout” for deserters, men who came home to see to the needs of their families during the war.

When the coast was clear from raiders sent to capture and return the men to the Army, their wives would hang a white sheet out to signal them, according to the historical society.

A much more detailed history of the battle and the Civil War in the local area was published by the historical society for Mississippi’s bicentennial in 2017.

The weekend of events will take place at Street Racin’ Haven at 660 Raj Road, across from Leakesville Elementary School on Hwy 57.

Schedule of events:

Friday, December 9
Cannon Fire6 p.m.
Saturday, December 10
Company Drill competition9 a.m.
Ladies Tea10 a.m.
Mississippi Monument Salute11 a.m.
Battle Reenactment2 p.m.
Reenactor Meal5 p.m.
Cannon Night Fire6 p.m.
Period Ball7 p.m.
Sunday, December 11
Salute to the unknown solidiers8:30 a.m.
Period Church Service10 a.m.
Reeenactment1 p.m.