GREENE COUNTY, Miss. (WKRG) – 12 of the 17 local races in Greene County will be contested in the Aug. 8 primary election for county and state offices.

48 candidates in all will be on the ballot for county office, including six candidates for an open constable post, and five candidates each for sheriff, district four and district five supervisors.

The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 8. Absentee voting begins June 24. The last day to register to vote in the primary is July 10.

If no candidate in a race wins a majority of votes, the top two from the primary will advance to a runoff election on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

Seven of the 17 county races and most statewide offices will remain contested in the Nov. 7 general election with republicans, democrats and independents running for office. Local referendums could also be placed on the ballot.

Full list of candidates


The race for Sheriff is an open contest with incumbent Stanley McLeod, Sr. not running for reelection.

Larry L. Byrd (R)

Stacy Eubanks (R)

Stanley McLeod, Jr. (R)

Ryan E Walley (R)

Michael Crawford (I)

Tax Assessor/Collector

Mark Holder (R) – incumbent

Lula Janet Leverette (D)

Chancery Clerk

Michelle ‘Shelley’ Dobbins Eubanks (R) – incumbent

Sarah James (R)

Lavon ‘Bolton’ Pringle (D)

Circuit Clerk

Cecelia Bounds (R) – incumbent


Ladd Pulliam (R) – incumbent

County Attorney

Chris Dobbins (R)

Lee Turner (R) – incumbent

Justice Court Judge, District 1

The race for Justice Court Judge, District 1 is an open contest with incumbent Jeff Byrd not running for reelection.

Kerney Kittrell (R)

Walter Sellers (R)

Ronnie Watson (R)

Vince West (R)

Justice Court Judge, District 2

Shannon Busby (R) – incumbent

Rosilyn Renee’ Johnson (D)

Ryan Longmire (R)

Constable, District 1

The race for Constable, District 1 is an open contest with incumbent Ryan Walley running for Sheriff.

Beverly Molten Breland (R)

Keith Churchwell (R)

Wayne Harrison (R)

John C Hollinghead Sr (R)

Bobby Joe Meadows (R)

Hayden West (R)

Constable, District 2

Pam Anderson (R) – incumbent

Board of Supervisors

District 1 Supervisor

(Leakesville precinct)

Dillon McInnis (R) – incumbent

James J. Radcliff (R)

District 2 Supervisor

(North Leakesville, State Line precincts)

Elton Clark (R) – incumbent

Kendall Deese (R)

Fredrick Lenard ‘Pete’ Johnson (D)

District 3 Supervisor

(Mutual Rights, Wade, Jones, Piave precinct)

Efird Eubanks (R) 

Scott Maxie (R)

Wayburn D Smith Jr (R) – incumbent

District 4 Supervisor

(Maples, Vernal precinct)

John ‘Wayne’ Barrow, Sr (R) – incumbent

George Cone, III (R)

Stuart McLeod (R)

Jason D Mizell (R)

Roy Mack Holloman, Jr. (D)

District 5 Supervisor

(Washington Neely, Leaf precincts)

Adam Dixon (R)

Gary F. Fairley (R) – incumbent

Steve R McCluskey (R)

David M Tingle (R)

Howard G Garrett Sr (D)

Election Commissioners

Election Commissioners represent the same districts as the Board of Supervisors. They serve four-year terms and alternate election years so not all commission positions are on the ballot at the same time. Candidates for these offices do not have to declare a party. They will first appear on the ballot in November, not the August primary.

District 2 Election Commissioner

Lisa Bivens – incumbent

District 4 Election Commissioner

Elizabeth “Beth” Ross – incumbent

State Elections

District 105, State House of Representatives

(Majority of Greene County, Rocky Creek and Shipman communities in George County)

Matt Brewer (R)

Elliot Burch (R)

Dale Goodin (R) – incumbent

Matthew Daves (D)

District 86, State House of Representatives

(State Line precinct and all of Wayne County)

Shane Barnett (R) – incumbent

Annita Bonner (D)

District 43, State Senate

(Majority of Greene County)

Dennis DeBar Jr (R) – incumbent

District 42, State Senate

(Wade, Jones, Piave precincts, most of Jones County, parts of Wayne and Forrest counties)

The race for District 42, State Senate is an open contest with incumbent Chris McDaniel running for Lieutenant Governor.

Robin Robinson (R)

Don Hartness (R)

District Attorney – 19th Circuit

(George, Greene, Jackson counties)

Angel Myers Mcllrath (R) – incumbent

Public Service Commissioner – Southern District

Dane Maxwell (R) – incumbent

Nelson Wayne Carr (R)

Transportation Commissioner – Southern District

The race for Transportation Commissioner – Southern District is an open contest with incumbent Tom King not seeking reelection.

Charles Busby (R)
Steven Brian Griffin (I)


Tate Reeves (R) – incumbent
John Witcher (R)
David Grady Hardigree (R)
Gregory Wash (D)
Brandon Presley (D)
Bob Hickingbottom (D)
Gwendolyn Gray (I)

Lieutenant Governor

Delbert Hosemann (R) – incumbent
Shane Quick (R)
Tiffany Longino (R)
Chris McDaniel (R)
D. Ryan Grover (D)

Attorney General

Lynn Fitch (R) – incumbent
Greta Martin (D)

Secretary of State

Michael Watson (R) – incumbent
Shuwaski Young (D)


David McRae (R) – incumbent
Addie Green (D)

Agriculture Commissioner

Andy Gipson (R) – incumbent
Robert Bradford (D)
Bethany Hill (D)
Robert Briggs (D)
Terry Rogers II (D)


Shad White (R) – incumbent
Larry Bradford (D)

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Chaney (R) – incumbent
Mitch Young (R)
Bruce Burton (D)