LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– A local spine surgeon, skilled in using a Robotic Spinal System, recently performed his 600th spinal surgery with the trusted tool.

Dr. Lon Baronne II started using the Globus Robotic Spine System about four years ago after travelling across the world to help develop the machine. He now holds the title as the most experienced surgeon in the world in using the robotic system.

Dr. Baronne says the technology helps promote minimally-invasive spine surgery. The machine combines a rigid robotic arm and full navigation capabilities to create perfect alignment during surgery. Not only does the robotic navigation platform assist surgeons, it also enhances safety and improves efficiency during and after the surgery.

“We’ve seen OR times being reduced as much as anywhere from 30-50 %, incisions are much smaller. And we are able to do that quickly and accurately and get people out of the hospital in the same day where as we used to see patients still in a walker but they are up and walking that day or the next morning,” said Dr. Baronne.

Now surgeons from all over the country travel to Lafayette to learn how to integrate robotic technologies into their own practices.