ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) –The former Police Chief in Abbeville who is now a newly elected city councilman is in the spotlight just one day before he will be sworn into office.

Community members are now questioning if he’s right for the job as a lawmaker

Body camera footage obtained by News Ten from the Abbeville Police Department shows newly elected city councilman Tony Hardy getting into a fight at a local bar and using homophobic slurs.

At the time, Hardy was still a political candidate running for office.

He will be sworn into office Thursday, though this incident now being brought to light has many concerned.

“Hey queer boy, hey queer boy. You’ll never get a bleep chance like that again. You’ll never get another chance like that. I’ll hurt you next time, bleep,” Hardy is heard saying to a man he had gotten into the fight with in the body camera footage.

After yelling at the man, Hardy turns to a police officer and says, “Hey, I’m not doing nothing. Do your bleeping job. Bring that bleep to jail. Bring this queer to jail.”

According to the incident report from Abbeville Police, when officers arrived, Hardy and an unidentified man were in an verbal altercation.

The report says both men were irate.

Officers separated the men and then spoke with the bar owner who said she did not want to kick anyone out but wanted the men separated.

While officers were speaking with the bar owner, the report says Hardy and a different man got into a verbal fight, and it became physical.

The body camera video shows the two men pushing and punching one another.

“He just pushed him. Hey, hey, hey!” the officer says, running towards Hardy and the man.

“You saw that? I’m filing charges on that bleep,” Tony tells the officer.

The officer responds, “Tony, please.”

“Hey, put that bleep in jail. Don’t worry about me. Put that bleep in jail,” Hardy says to the officer.

Bystanders said Hardy did not throw the first punch but was antagonizing the bar goer.

In the footage, Hardy says he wanted officers to arrest the man, though both men later decided they did not want to file charges.

Though Hardy was not arrested, many in the Abbeville community are now questioning the behavior and language of elected city council member after he used homophobic slurs.

Hardy will be sworn into office as an Abbeville city council member Thursday. New Ten did attempt to contact Hardy though have not yet heard back.