GEORGE COUNTY, Miss. (WKRG) — Livestock owners in George County are encouraged to register their animals with the sheriff’s office.

Dispatchers use a livestock ownership list to try to reunite animals with their owners if they were to ever escape. The sheriff’s office receives around 100 calls per year of mostly cattle, horses and pigs running loose, sometimes on a roadway.

“It’s usually just like a car hitting a bus. They weigh a couple of tons. It can do a lot of damage and kill people,” said Sheriff Keith Havard.

When a report comes in about a loose animal, dispatchers will call and check with livestock owners in the area on the list to see if they could have any animals out. If the escapees do not belong to them, they can often get in touch with neighbors to solve the case.

Without animal control in the county, it’s up to sheriff’s deputies to respond to the calls for service. 

“If we can find where they came from, a lot of times we’ll corral them back in there because they’re dangerous,” said Havard.

To get on the list or update information on file, George County residents can go to the sheriff’s office in the county courthouse or call 911 Center Manager Lori Stringfellow at 601-247-2056.

Any reports of livestock in the roadway or causing a public safety concern can be reported to the sheriff’s office at 601-947-4811.