FRUITDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — Homeowners around Fruitdale in Washington County continue to clean up and repair their property more than a month after a tornado spun through town. This work comes on top of another severe weather threat for our area today.

It was November 30th when a long-track tornado produced EF 1 Damage in Fruitdale–tearing through the high school grounds and damaging surrounding homes and a church.

At Fruitdale High School the damage is still visible. High winds shredded the vo-tech building. The school was closed for days but resumed classes in December. Just a few hundred feet away the storm damaged The Cornerstone church of Fruitdale. It toppled several trees. One of those trees crashed into Victoria Savage’s trailer while she was home with her kids. The home is covered with tarps on both ends and is unlivable right now. She says the storm was highly traumatic for her and her family and is not looking forward to the next potential round of severe weather.

“It was very bad, I was inside the home whenever the tree fell through it we didn’t get an alert in enough time to get out,” said Victoria Savage. I talked to her as she was caring for her children and living at a friend’s house. Nearby, other work continues. Buddy Jones is repairing a home that sits right next to the high school. He says he’s not going to fret over things he can’t control.

“It’s in God’s hands, whatever He wants to do, maybe next time He take it all away, huh?” asked Jones rhetorically. Jones says he’s had to replace windows, siding, and doors and there’s still a lot of work left today and no way to get it all done before the next possible storm hits.