FLORIDA (WKRG) — A railroad system and less tourists, just some of the things Floridians want to see in the Sunshine State. WKRG asked our viewers “What is one thing you wish the state of Florida had?” on Facebook and received over 450 responses.

In addition to a railroad system and less tourists, cooler weather and better drivers were among the most popular wishes.

Less Tourists

The state of Florida welcomed a record number of visitors in 2022, according to a report from VISIT FLORIDA.

The website estimates Florida had 137.6 million visitors in 2022 including 33.2 million between October and December 2022. The 137.6 million visitors is a 12.9 percent increase for 2021.

Pensacola, one of many Florida several cities within WKRG’s coverage area, was among the 10 best places to live in the state in 2022, according to a Forbes report.

Railroad System

Several responses from WKRG viewers indicate there is a want for a statewide railroad system from the northern part to the southern tip of the state. Viewers also seemingly want several key stops along the way. Tallahassee, Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando and others were mentioned many times.

From Pensacola Beach to Miami, Google Maps estimates a roughly 10-hour drive.

WKRG reported the city of Pensacola is looking to bring back the Amtrak rail service in February. In a letter, the city notified the federal government it is applying for a $500,000 grant which is the first step in getting Amtrak service.

In Alabama, the Amtrak train made its first trip through Mobile in February. A passenger rail service is scheduled to begin this year between New Orleans and the Port City. A rail service has not run since 2005 when Hurricane Katrina damaged the track.

Cooler Weather

2023 has seen record-setting high temperatures throughout the state of Florida. On March 1, Pensacola broke a previous record of 79 degrees set in 2021 with a high of 84 degrees.

Why is it so warm in Florida, according to Chief Meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth

Three factors make Florida incredibly hot. Its latitude, its state as a peninsula, and the humidity.

  1. Florida is the southernmost state in the contiguous United States. With it being farther south in latitude, Florida is subjected to more sunlight compared to northern states.
  2. Florida is a peninsula, a land mass surrounded by water on three sides. In this case, the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Straits, and the Atlantic Ocean. This water is an excellent absorber of heat which helps to warm the land it surrounds.
  3. The water that surrounds the state also creates an environment characterized by high humidity. It is the most humid state in the country. A more humid atmosphere prevents the human body from cooling itself efficiently by means of sweating.

All of these factors make Florida a downright hot state.

From Pensacola beaches to swamplands, Florida is home to some of the most unique environments in the country.

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