GRACEVILLE, Fla. (WMBB) — A former officer at the Graceville Correctional Facility is facing more than 70 charges after she allegedly had sex with an inmate, brought in contraband items, and accepted more than $12,000 in payments for smuggling.

Investigators with the Florida Department of Corrections wrote in an arrest affidavit that Sgt. Lawana Sharpe confessed to the crimes after she was confronted about the allegations. Sharpe said she performed oral sex on an inmate twice and that she snuck cigars into the facility in her panties.

Investigators wrote that she received 67 payments from January through October of 2021 from eight separate accounts as part of the smuggling scheme. Investigators added that they believed those payments came from inmates or the family and friends of inmates.

They added that the investigation began in September of 2021 when employees doing routine monitoring of the inmate payment system noticed what appeared to be a fictitious account. That account was listed to someone named “Candy Williams.” The account information for “Candy Williams” linked back to Sharpe, investigators wrote. Sharpe’s employment ended on September 30, 2021. She was charged in early January 2023.

Sharpe is charged with two counts of sexual misconduct, two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband, interference with prisoners, and 67 counts of unlawful compensation.