TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Quite a few Floridians have made their fortune after buying winning scratch-off tickets from the Florida Lottery.

However, while there’s still a good number of million-dollar lottery prizes available for scratch-off players, the following games only have a single top prize left that can make someone a multi-millionaire.

500X The Cash

The largest lottery prize still up for grabs, $25 million, is for the 500X the Cash. The $50 game offered two top prizes when it launched on Feb. 28, 2022, but now there is only one left.

The odds of winning the $25 million prize are slim with a chance of 1-in-21,419,145. However, the game still offers 51 $1 million prizes with odds of 1-in-267,739.

Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme

Despite the name, this $30 scratch-off game doesn’t offer a billion-dollar prize, but it does offer a top prize of $15 million.

Upon its launch on Feb. 22, 2021, the game offered four top prizes. The last winner of the top prize was a Pensacola man who claimed the prize Friday, Jan. 6, leaving only one top prize left.

The odds of winning the final prize are 1-in-11,553,592. The odds of winning the remaining five $1 million prizes are also slim at 1-in-1,925,599.

The Florida Lottery’s other $30 scratch-off game, the Florida 300X The Cash, also has a $15 million top prize available. There are three left for that game, according to the lottery.

$5,000,000 Cashword

This scratch-off originally offered seven top prizes of $5 million. However, now there is only one left.

The odds of snatching the top ticket are 1-in-4,027,792. The game also still has six prizes of $1 million available with a chance of 1-in-1,342,598 to win one.

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