PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A nearly 100-year-old cast eagle that hung above the entryway of the original Bay High School building will soon return to its former glory. 

Bay High School has been undergoing a multiphase remodeling project. 

“As we are starting to look into renovating building one, we had the citizen contact the school,” Executive Director of Facilities for Bay District Schools Lee Walters said. “And said, I believe I’ve got an architectural detail that was salvaged or was a part of a building back in the seventies.”

The eagle hung above the entryway of Bay High from the opening of the school in 1926 until an eventual renovation in 1976 that resulted in the building being demolished. 

A large part of the upcoming renovation will be focused on the exterior.

“Building one is the next building that we are going to renovate and full exterior facade to bring back some of the historical characters to the campus,” Walters said.

The current building plans show the eagle above the entryway. 

“If we’re able to clean it up, like spruce it up, and get it back in great condition, then we would like to use it on the exterior,” Walters said.

Regardless, the eagle will return home.  

“We will still incorporate it in the, uh, in the building and probably have it in a display case in the probably front office,” Walters said.

Walters said they hope to be able to get students involved in the restoration processes. 

“They’ve got a very talented art department at Bay High School. If it’s something they can help us with, we would really appreciate being able to incorporate, you know, students,” Walters said.

The timeline of when residents can expect the eagle to return to Bay High is dependent on the uncertain construction timeline.

Bay District Schools officials said the man who had the eagle wants to stay anonymous.