MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — First responders are battling a massive fire that broke out at a scrap yard in Manatee County Friday afternoon.

News Channel 8 has learned the fire broke out at the Kleensoil International scrap yard which neighbors the Manatee County Jail on Harllee Road in Palmetto.

Friday’s fire marked the second time this year that the scrap yard has caught fire. On April 9, News Channel 8 covered a fire at the same facility, formally under the name of Port Manatee Scrap Metal.

In that incident, the North River Fire Department sent hazmat crews to douse foam on the fire to put it out. Hours later, crews said “substantial progress” had been made on extinguishing the flames.

During Friday’s incident, traffic cameras positioned miles away from the scene picked up a billowing cloud of smoke.

“Apparently, something caught fire, maybe a combustible vehicle, that was placed inside one of the piles,” North River Fire Marshal Andrell Miller said.

Miller added that multiple agencies and personnel were called to assist with the fire, as crews stayed for hours spraying water and foam in an attempt to subdue the flames.

“Looks like water may not be enough so foam may be able to assist with us putting that out,” Miller said, adding that there were no reported injuries.

“At this point, we do have it somewhat contained and will likely be working late into the evening to put this fire out.”

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