TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Across the United States, gas prices are officially lower than they were a year ago, but in some states, those price differences are bigger than others. Florida’s gas prices are a full $0.07 cheaper than the same time last year.

However, AAA’s gas price tracker shows that nationally, gas is just $0.01 lower than December 2021.

The week before Thanksgiving, gas prices in the U.S. were on their way down, including $0.10 per gallon in Florida. The trend of prices at the pump dropping continued through the end of November, coming down from a state average of $3.45 on Nov. 21.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, on Dec. 1, AAA reported gas prices had fallen $0.07 nationally, though crude oil prices had been boosted as supply had increased.

According to AAA, in the 14 days ending on Dec. 5, gas prices in the U.S. had dropped $0.26. However, a planned decrease in oil production by OPEC+, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, could impact overall prices in the near future.

A week into December, the average price of gas in Florida is $3.21 per gallon for regular gasoline. Across the Tampa Bay region, some prices are higher, while others are several cents lower.

LocationAverage Price/Gallon
Citrus County$3.28
Hardee County$3.19
Hernando County$3.12
Highlands County$3.29
Hillsborough County$3.18
Manatee County$3.19
Pasco County$3.14
Pinellas County$3.17
Polk County$3.27
Sarasota County$3.24
(Source: AAA Gas Prices)

While gasoline prices are down compared to last year, the costs of mid-grade, premium, and diesel fuel are still higher than the year before, though lower than the all time highs reported in June 2022.