‘Chocolate Milk Mommies’ encourage women to breastfeed

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A group calling themselves the Chocolate Milk Mommies is hoping to encourage more moms to nurse their babies. 

The Chocolate Milk Mommies posed for a powerful photo shoot a few months ago where nine moms were dressed up as goddesses while breastfeeding their babies.

That image is still sending a message that breastfeeding can be a beautiful thing.

National data shows that only about 59% of black woman breastfeed compared to 79% of white women.

The Chocolate Milk Mommies are trying to change the stigma associated with breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding in the black community. 

“It’s a combination of miseducation, from well, my maybe my baby can’t possibly be this hungry, to my baby eats too much when they go through a cluster feeding phase to the negative connotation associated to slavery and actually having to wet nurse for other races children,” said Charity Moore, one of the founders of Chocolate Milk Mommies. 

One of the group’s founders tells me the name ‘Chocolate Milk Mommies’ is a play on a myth the black women produced chocolate milk. 

They decided to turn the myth into something positive. 

“Let’s just call us Chocolate Milk Mommies since everybody thinks we produce chocolate milk and it just stuck so we just became Chocolate Milk Mommies of Birmingham,” said Angel Warren. 

The group is hoping to raise $2,500 in order to become a non-profit and become lactation consultants.

That way, the group will be able to go out into the community and provide resources to women who them. 

“We would like to see more mothers just understanding the myths behind what they say formula versus breast feeding and just help more mothers out there who need assistance in any type of way that they can,” said Rauslyn Adams. 

Click here to learn more about how you can help the Chocolate Milk Mommies of Birmingham. 

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