MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — This week the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee will vote on a bill allowing cyclist and motorcyclists to go on red if there is no oncoming traffic.

“The main issue with a bike being on the road is that we don’t have all the protections and safety features that you would find in cars, so for us if we’re involved in an accident we are going to sustain serious injuries or death,” said Robert Traphan, Montgomery Bicycle Club.

The bill would allow the driver of the motorcycle or bike to disregard a traffic controlled signal.

“A lot of traffic lights won’t actually change to green when there’s a bike presenting itself. It has the ability to let those bikes precedent on their commutes more efficiently than if they are stopped at a red light,” said Traphan.

HB103 is sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Victor Gaston, R-Mobile.

This law is legal in several other states most notable Idaho.

The committee will vote on the bill Wednesday.