Areas far from the coast get a brief brush with snow

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CLARKE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The snow wasn’t bad at all in Coffeeville and other parts of Clarke County.  You had to be among a select few to catch a glimpse of it.  The flurries immediately melted as the flakes hit the ground because there wasn’t a spot that dropped below freezing.  Everyone else just saw dreary rain showers. 

“Just rain, rain and wind that’s it, pretty cold, the wind making it worse,” said Kedrick Bettis from Jackson.  It’s a welcomed sight though most people didn’t get to see it in person.  

“It don’t bother me, I used to live in Oklahoma where there’s usually snow on the ground so I’m used to it,” said John D. Moss.    The Washington County Courthouse was closed even though they didn’t see a flake of snow.  For most of the school kids in our northern counties, it was a snow day without snow.  

“I wanted snow but I reckon it’s alright without it now,” said 10th Grader Dekota Gibson.  “I got school work to finish, other than that sit around the house and be lazy.”


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