Alabama’s top TV complaints of 2019

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As far as TV went, 2019 was a big year.

From the final season of “Game of Thrones” to the launch of multiple streaming services like Disney + and Apple TV, there were more than enough TV shows and channels to keep people entertained. However, not everyone was happy with what they watched. For some, switching the channel simply wasn’t enough.

In documents obtained by CBS 42, there were nearly 500 people across Alabama who wrote to the Federal Communications Commission last year to complain about everything from TV shows to billing issues with their cable providers.

Here are some of the complaints Alabamians wrote to the FCC last year about what they saw on TV:


-“Bias on the part CNN CNN. There news cast have become propaganda.” (Jan. 28, Birmingham)

-“CNN is knowingly broadcasting false information about the President of the United States collusion with Russian Hackers despite failing to produce any evidence to support their claims. CNN is broadcasting this information with the sole intent of harming the President of the United States and his agenda for the American People. I feel CNN is intentionally broadcasting false information about the President of the United States and this is due cause for the FCC to revoke their broadcasting license.” (Feb. 12, Semmes)

-“CNN is knowingly broadcasting false information about the President of the United States collusion with Russian Hackers despite failing to produce any evidence to support their claims. CNN is broadcasting this information with the sole intent of harming the President of the United States and his agenda for the American People.” (May 11, Bessemer)

-My 9-year-old son responded to hearing “let’s type in PORN and see what comes up”. Children should not be subjected to these series of ads – a new one out today with three prepubescent children sitting around a computer with “it’s time to talk about porn”. Not at this age. It may be time to talk about porn but it should be me -not CNN who introduces the concept and specifically directing kids to look up the word on the internet. This is absolutely crazy and should stop!” (Sept. 17, Midhurst)

-“The reason I’m filing this complaint is the President of CNN ‘Jeff Zucker’ is using his position of power and the news network to settle a personal vendetta against our sitting President, Donald Trump. An investigation needs to be opened and if it is found that Jeff Zucker is using his position to defame, support a coup and insight violence against the POTUS and his supporters, then CNN either must be fined or lose their broadcasting license. Everyone has their first amendment right to free speech, however this doesn’t give Jeff Zucker the right to mislead US citizens so badly that it causes violence against Trump supporters.” (Oct. 15, Highland Village)

Mike Slocumb

-“Attorney Mike Slocumb has a commercial which I find offensive. He talks that he doesn’t go for the small dough he goes for the big bucks. You hear a deer holler which I believe is offensive. Another commercial was showing him shooting at a possible outlaw.” (March 19, Huntsville)

Maroon 5 Super Bowl performance

-“Disgusting display of male nudity on TV last night. The singer should be ashamed, CBS should be ashamed, and the NFL should be ashamed. Janet Jackson was punished when she bared her breasts at the Super Bowl, I expect this half-naked man and the people that allowed it on primetime to be punished, too.” (Feb. 4, Mobile)

“Leaving Neverland” documentary about Michael Jackson

-“You know those fake people tell only lies in that documentary of theirs, still you seem to take no action against it. Please, read the facts, document yourself, then decide what’s the real truth. But before that, STOP airing such lies on the large public. Thank you! Hope someone with a big heart and conscious will read that.” (March 7, Hoover)

Mainstream media

-“Why hasn’t the FCC done anything to STOP the lying RHETORIC from CNN,MSNBC,NBC,ABC,CBS & yes Fox News. Why does the FCC even exist? These Democrat cheer leaders get on TV daily & spew their OPINIONS not news. None of them should even be on TV spewing their hate filled RHETORIC BRAIN WASHING the masses. Maybe the FCC should pack up, turn your lights off & leave since it’s clear no one in your organization is doing their job. Our TV’s are filled with nothing but IMMORAL TRASH. No wonder our society is breaking down. It is just sickening what is on TV now. People such as Joe Scarborough need to be FIRED. About time the FCC starts doing it’s job!” (Aug. 7, Eclectic)

-“ABC intentionally manufactured a fake story they aired depicting a Turkish attack on the Kurds. They passed off footage from another event and altered it with commentary as war footage. These deceptions on the public needs to stop. Their licensing should be suspended.” (Oct. 15, Harselle)

–“I saw an ad on Fox News that said, “More closed door sessions” (with a picture of Adam Schiff) and the next graphic said, “without Republicans.” Then they asked, “How will the GOP fire back?” Is it common knowledge that both Republicans and Democrats are in the closed door sessions. This is a blatant lie. Also, they are inciting violence. I demand action.” (Oct. 25, Mobile)

Inappropriate language

-“During tonight’s live episode of ‘Monday Night Raw,’ one of their announcers screamed Holy Sh*t into their mic. This should have never made it on air. They have several children who watch their programming. I want WWE to be fined and censured for this profanity.” (July 1, Madison)

-“The history of the word Queer is the same as the word (redacted). I am tired of politicians trying to justify the use of one offensive word, while condemning another. “Either allow (redacted)” to be said on public airwaves or ban “Queer.” (July 22, Sampleville)

-“Robert deniero (De Niro) actor dropped the F#$& work multiple times on live TV. I want something done to CNN as well as Mr Denero. There was no warning put out as to the language being used on this show.” (Sept. 29, Trussville)

-“Shows listed is latinx. I identify as a dragon not an x. Only men have x and y chromosomes therefore the word in itself is sexist.” (Oct. 10)

-“’Live PD’ on A&E beeps out all curse words except GD. It is indecent to air that” (Oct. 20, Wetumpka)

Vaping commercials

-“I am writing concerning a recent commercial I saw regarding the e-cig JUUL. I thought that it was illegal to advertise smoking products on TV. Has this changed or is this another instance where JUUL has pushed the boundaries again thinking that they are above all rules and regulations? I am a former smoker who was influenced by the hype and advertisement of the ads of smoking when they were allowed to advertise. I do not wish to see my kids or any others be influenced by the hype that e-cigs are safer. Sorry to have gotten off point, which was, how is JUUL able to advertise on TV?” (Feb. 18, Scottsboro)

– “I thought it was so, that tobacco advertisements are not allowed on television anymore. JUUL is a tobacco, nicotine company. These ads should be taken off television immediately. Clean it up, someone might get sued.” (May 6, “Nowhere” Alabama)

-“Is the FCC going to ban vaping and e-cigarette commercials? Early studies are showing a dangerous trend with youth adoption and also physiological health effects from use. I have young grandchildren now being exposed to this crap everywhere they turn” (Aug. 20, Wetumpka)

Inappropriate commercials

-“The Other Two commercials aired on TVLand at 8PM at night are obscene, vulgar and of a sexual / pornigraphic nature. They need to be removed from the air immediately.” (Feb. 17, Daphne)

-“We like watching USA channel 105, but the commercials about temptation island is very inappropriate! There is bedroom scenes and discussion of the members of the show having threesomes!! My son watches tv with us a family and for USA to have this on their network is offensive” (Nov. 21, Flomaton)

-“On Wednesday night, 12/4/2019, I was watching Survivor on CBS with my children during the 7:00 PM hour. During a commercial break, a very inappropriate commercial for the television show, “The L Word,” was aired. This commercial should not have been shown at that early hour during a show rated for families.” (Dec. 6, Birmingham)

-“I just witnessed an TV Ad for on paramount network that showed what appeared to be an underaged child posing in sexy lingerie and sensual poses. This should be taken off the air immediately and the producers of the ad turned over to the police for promoting child pornography.”

Loud commercials

-“the commercial is on At&t’s direct tv now service. the commerical is significantly louder than normal programming or other commercials. The commercial is about their app” (April 26, Madison)

-“Commercial volumes are 75-150% louder than the show.” (June 19, Mobile)

-“While watching NBC Nightly News on WLTZ, channel 713 on spectrum cable, commercials were heard much louder than the regular programming. This occurs several times (different commercials) during the 30 minute program and has happened on many times over the summer of 2019 therefore must be being done deliberately which is in violation of the CALM act.” (Aug. 1, Valley)

-“Several times during the evening while watching The Weather Channel on Direct TV there are commercials with very very high volume. This causes us to rush to lower the sound or change channels. It is not one specific commercial but it can be any.” (Aug. 14, Roanoke)

-“DirecTV Now streaming TV service plays commercials that are noticeabley louder than the television program or movie. It has been happening for about two months now.” (Aug. 14, Madison)

-“Jimmy dean breakfast commercial is ENTIRELY too loud. The volume is unacceptable. (Sept. 27, Mobile)

Spanish commercials

-“Do not put a Spanish language on American channels specifically CNN and ny1 spectrum said to contact you commercials in Spanish do not belong on American channels it’s bad enough they’re invading our country people who don’t speak English are not watching American channels” (June 19, Sunnyside)

Scary commercials

-“My eight-year-old son was watching the Titans vs Browns NFL football game this afternoon, Sunday Sept 8 when a commercial for the new series “Evil” came on. The content of this commercial was extremely frightening to him and inappropriate during programming for viewers of all ages. Not only can he not fall asleep but he says he “never wants to catch football again”. This is coming from a child who loves football wholeheartedly. Please, please remove this commercial and please remember the children watching when you approve commercials during football games.” (Sept. 8, Mobile)

Too many commercials

– “There are an excessive amount of commercials on tv. This has become increasing frustrating and irritating. Watching tv is not enjoyable.” (April 20, Harvest)

Suggestive food

-“On 2/18/19 at approximately 6:15 pm, the History Channel aired a commercial showing men using fruits and vegetables as examples of their irregular erections. This content should be restricted to late evening hours.” (Feb. 18, Enterprise)

-“TV ad about medication for Peyronie’s disease has men holding up several different food items which symbolize shapes of penises. The visual is too graphic for television. It’s obscene and offensive. The commercial should be removed from TV” (June 10, Montgomery)


-“On prime-time there was pornography. There were 2 homosexual women on the show Riverdale. The program showed pornographic content (2 women having intercourse).” (March 14, Winfield)

“Nancy Drew

-“According to web material, the Character is aged 18. The pilot show, she states her age to be 17. Under American Law, this constitutes Statutory RAPE, and this show needs to be banned, before teenage girls, whom follow the Nancy Drew story consider having sex with an 20year old male, is acceptable. How the presentation or reboot of a classic Teen Girls story has Rape based Sex scenes, 3 in 2 episodes, is just disgusting.” (Oct. 21, Silicon Valley)

“Saturday Night Live”

-“DaBaby used white face in his act twice on Saturday night live on 12/07/2019.” (Dec. 8, Phil Campbell)



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