TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A study done in late 2021 about hours lost in traffic found the average American lost 36 hours on the road thanks to congested lanes.

For Florida drivers, I-4 is the problem. A total of three Florida roadways made it on a list of worst places to be stuck in traffic in the country.

The study by INRIX found going westbound on I-4 led to an average of 74 hours lost. While the area listed for Florida’s I-4 is Orlando, I-4 isn’t the only problematic road to lose your time to traffic in the area. US-17 South also made the list, in addition to I-95 North in Miami.

There were three selections of Florida’s transport map that made it into the top 10 most congested U.S. Roads of 2021.

RankUrban AreaRoadPeak Delay (Minutes)Hours Lost
1Los Angeles, Cali.I-5 South2289
2New York, N.Y.I-27 West2077
3Orlando, Fla.I-4 West1974
4Bridgeport, Conn.I-95 North1872
5Dublin, Cali.I-580 East1562
6Stamford, Conn.I-95 North1561
7Orlando, Fla.US-17 South1559
8Miami, Fla.I-95 North1557
9New York, N.Y.I-95 South1355
10Los Angeles, Cali.I-10 East1455
(Source: INRIX)

I-4 hits its biggest slog time in the area between Beachline Expressway to Florida State Road 429, according to the INRIX data, leading to a loss of 74 hours per year stuck on the road and unable to go.

Still in Orlando, the US-17 South slowdown hits hardest from U.S.-192 to The Oaks Boulevard, where drivers lose 59 hours each year. Down in Miami, drivers lose 57 hours per year on I-95 South from I-195 to 51st Street.

Still, the worst congested road of the whole country is in L.A., where I-5 South drags drivers along from Euclid Avenue to I-605, leading to 89 hours lost per year on just that one stretch of road. And I-5 South isn’t alone. Los Angeles drivers also get stuck on I-10 East, from Washington Boulevard to I-110, losing another 55 hours per year on their commutes.