St. Paul’s seniors receive unique gifts

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Each of the 19 pieces was created to mimic its real life counterpart down to the smallest detail.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – “I’ve been told by the parents that I’m kind of the talk of Mobile right now when it comes to these figures, especially with the players,” joked Kevin Cousino.

The talk of the high school sports scene in Mobile happens to be a gentlemen from Toledo, Ohio. Kevin Cousino spent over a year working on a special gift for each senior on the St. Paul’s football team.

“Out of the 19 jerseys, it was four coats of red and four coats of royal blue paint for the sleeves. I never really put a time frame on it, I just know that as a Michigan fan red is my nemesis. Alabama red doesn’t bother me, it’s the Ohio State red that I don’t like,” said Cousino.

Each of the 19 pieces was created to mimic its real life counterpart down to the smallest detail.

“The quarterback J Greene, on his left wrist, wrote Psalm 62 1-2 verse. That’s the first time I put a Biblical verse on a piece, but after researching it I figured out how to do it. There 19 Nike cleats and assorted sleeves with Nike or not Nike so I could make it really personal for them,” said Cousino.

Cousino usually ships his pieces across the country when they’re complete, but for a project of this size, he decided to pack up his car and make the drive to Mobile. Hand delivering each of these figures was an unforgettable experience.

“To be there in Mobile, Alabama and see the look on their faces when they understood why I was there was awesome,” said Cousino.  

Cousino has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces for athletes at all levels for years. He’s also made inroads with the Pittsburgh Steelers, creating unique pieces for their players and coaches.

“Mike Tomlin, I did a piece for him of when he was a wide receiver at William & Mary,” said Cousino. 

But after talking with him this week, he said this St. Paul’s project will go down as one of his favorites.

“As a fan I’m living the dream. I have no art background, it’s just a passion. It’s all about the details with these pieces and I can’t thank the St. Paul’s community enough,” said Cousino.


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