Running with Robby: 82-year-old marathon runner inspires next generation

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Wright has traveled the country and the world running marathons.

“I’ve run 127 marathons. I’ve run marathons in all 50 states and Washington D.C. I’ve run in London, Paris and Athens, where the marathon began,” said runner Will Wright.

At 82, you could say Will Wright knows a thing or about running marathons.

“It’s certainly a time to meditate and think. They say you hit the wall around mile 20, your body is built to carry you about 20 miles, and around that point you hit the wall. I sometimes get so tired I just want to finish,” said Wright.

Wright has traveled the country and the world running marathons, and now he’s passing his love for the sport to the next generation.

“I’m excited. I’ll run with Will, I’ve run with him since I was nine years old,” said Sicily Hardy.

Wright and Hardy have been running together for nearly 10 years, and Hardy is now ready to tackle her first marathon in January. 

“A lot of people say the mental is the main thing, you have to have that determination to want to do it. You also have to train for it. You’re body will do a lot more than your mind will allow it to do,” said Wright.

“It definitely keeps me going. He’s 82, it’s inspirational that he can do all this running and it inspires me to run,” said Hardy. “I want to run when I’m his age.”

Wright and Hardy will run together in the Mobile Marathon next January. For Will, this will be another race. For Hardy, it may be the start of a lifelong passion.

“Everybody that runs a marathon says I’ll never do another, but a few weeks later they think they can do better so they sign up for another one. That’s what I did,” said Wright. “But once I got to 15 or 20 I said might as well do all the states, then when I got to 50 I just kept going.”


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