Boyd Twins Succeeding in Athletics and Classroom

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“It’s nice to have a friend in what you’re doing ,” said Thomas Boyd.

“You always have a buddy and when you do something you’re never by yourself,” said Ethan Boyd.

If you’re out at a South Alabama Track and Field event this spring, you may think you’re seeing double.

“He (Ethan) is two minutes older, for some reason that’s the question everybody wants to ask,” said Thomas laughing.

Ethan and Thomas Boyd are twins. Ethan is technically a little older and a little taller.

“People love telling him that I’m a little bit taller too,” joked Ethan Boyd.

Other than that, there aren’t many differences between the Boyd twins.

They both compete in the same field events, they both grew up playing football and they are both currently studying medicine at South.

“A lot of twins want to differentiate from each other, I know I have short hair right now and he has long hair but this is probably the first time we’ve looked different cosmetically,” said Thomas.

Sure there’s plenty of brotherly love between the twins, but competition in athletics and in the classroom drives their relationship.

“I think that comes back to my mom, when we were younger if I made a 95% on a test and he made a 98%, my mom would ask why I didn’t make a 98% like Thomas,” joked Ethan.

“I know who’s hammer throw personal record is better and who’s better at shotput at the time and who did better at each meet. It’s helped us,” said Thomas.

Of course being a division one athlete isn’t easy, and being in medical school holds its own set of challenges. But both Ethan and Thomas have each other to lean on when things get tough.

WKRG NEWS 5 - Sports Overtime - 02/10/2019

“If I’m having trouble with a concept, we always study together, so if I’m having trouble I can talk to him about it,” said Ethan.


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