MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – “When you think about it, it seems like it was only a few months ago, it’s been life changing,” said Pro Football Hall of Famer Robert Brazile.

“I’ve seen the smiles on my face and my family’s faces. There’s pride in the people you’ve come across, the people you’ve touched and the people you’ve coached. Everybody had a little something to do with it, even at the church. They all feel like they’re a part of the Hall of Fame,” said Brazile.

That gold jacket changed Robert Brazile’s life. Dr. Doom played his entire career with the Houston Oilers, but last year he joined a new team, a new brotherhood.

“We all talk to each other on Saturday’s at a certain time. We’ll have chats with 30 or 40 Hall of Famers on the line. The stuff we talk about as as the gold jacket, we keep amongst ourselves, but you won’t believe how much this brotherhood has done,” said Brazile.

As a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Brazile has new, lifelong teammates. It’s also given him a chance to come back and impact our community.

“I want to use that jacket in a positive way, by doing things in the community. I’m not looking for a big dollar, I just want everyone to enjoy,” said the linebacker. “If I can help a kid go down the right road, or answer a question for a kid or do things to help people raise money, that’s what I want to use that jacket for.”

Robert’s legacy will forever live on in Canton, Ohio, and thanks to the Tennessee Titans, football fans will forever remember Dr. Doom in the Music City.

“I’m a member of their ring of honor. That’s such an honor for her to recognize me and the other guys that are a part of the ring of honor,” said Brazile.

Brazile and Titans owner Amy Adams have become close friends, with the Titans working to make sure the next generation of football stars remember Dr. Doom.

Adams and Brazile are also hoping another member of the Oilers soon joins Dr. Doom in Canton.

“Her dad isn’t in the hall of fame. I can’t believe that Bud Adams isn’t in the hall of fame. He started the AFL with Lamar Hunt. They were the two founders of getting the league started,” said Brazile.

Brazile’s place in football history is cast in bronze. In that last year, the game that helped make Brazile who he is today, yet again changed his life.

“Right now I’m on a team that I can’t be cut or traded. Even when I die, I’ll still be a hall of famer,” said Brazile. “I’m hall of famer 312.”