New trend in golf: Walkers on the links


(WKRG) — When the PGA returns next month, it will be without spectators and social distancing guidelines will be in place.

Here locally, this weekend the Lite Scratch Tour will hold its first tournament since the pandemic hit.

One of the new trends in golf seems to be more walkers on the links.

University of Arkansas golfer William Buhl, a Bayside Academy graduate, has no problem carrying his clubs for 18 holes.

“I like walking because I get to keep to myself, I can play at my own pace,” Buhl said.

Not only has COVID-19 brought many golfers back to the game, a surprising number are choosing to play using a push cart instead of an electric cart.

“A lot of guys, both male, female and juniors are using a push cart now, could be, instead of carrying, it’s a rarity you see carrying, people do walk now randy a majority of them are using a push cart,” said John Racciaitti, Lite Scratch tour director,

It seems there’s been a run on push carts during the pandemic. One local golf shop said they’re out and waiting for a delivery. Today’s top line push cart can run close to 300 bucks.

“The one i’ve got is really state of the art cart, it’s got a lot of different compartments, it rolls real easy.” Racciatti said.

“It’s a great thing to be able to do in golf is the ability to walk and people are really enjoying it, getting a little fitness out of it as well. so we are seeing a real uptick in the walkers.” says Niall Fraser, Lakewood director of golf.

And Fraser is seeing an uptick in people playing the game.

“Golf has been a good release for a lot of people. We follow a lot of different rules, the game has changed. We probably put through about a 1,000 extra rounds last month than we’ve ever done in April, so people are using the opportunity to get out, but again it’s different.”


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