Admissions Greeting from Dr. Jay Gogue

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Auburn University President Jay Gouge is sharing a welcoming message of hope and optimism with incoming AU freshman. The video message is now making it’s way to the entire Auburn family, giving Tiger and War Eagle fans hope for the fall, including Auburn University football.

The video message shared by President Jay Gogue reads:

“Hi, I am Jay Gogue, President of Auburn University and I just wanted to chat with you for a few minutes. In the last several months, I am sure that the plans you have made didn’t happen. I’m sure that you may have had a friend or loved one that has been sick or injured or even worse during this pandemic. Your world, as you knew, it was turned upside down.

We at Auburn realized right now you’re probably thinking about your future. You are thinking about what other plans will be disrupted and the things I have planned to do this summer and fall I won’t be able to do.

I would tell you that no one knows for sure all the details of what may happen in the future, but I do know a few things that are going to happen at Auburn University. We are going to open classes this fall. We are going to have fraternity and sorority activities. We are going to have them more than 500 club activities that will be underway with student participation and leadership. We are going to have freshman convocation. We are going to have Popsicles and Pizza with the President. We are going to have football this fall. We’re going to have all of the activities we have every fall. The only thing that will be different is you will be with us this fall. We are looking forward to having you.

When you first thought about Auburn, and we first visited with you, we told you that Auburn is more than a four-year commitment to your educational process. We said to you that when you leave here, you would have a lifelong commitment to the Auburn way. When I think about the graduation time we just finished at Auburn, I think about our students that have graduated that will become leaders in a myriad of different fields and this situation allows them to really deal with and address life’s uncertainties. We eagerly await your arrival on campus. You are Auburn’s future, but more importantly, you are the future. War Eagle.”

News 3 reached out to Auburn University for further specifics on how the fall season will be handled, including football games.

“Auburn will provide information about the second summer mini-term prior to June 1. Details for the fall semester are not yet determined, although we are planning to welcome students back to campus. We hope to provide students, faculty, and staff as much time as possible to prepare. Complete information for the fall will be announced no later than early July, perhaps sooner. Our decisions will align with guidance from state and federal officials,” shared Auburn University spokesperson Preston Sparks.

News 3 has reached out to Auburn Public Safety Director Paul Register for a comment on how the city is preparing to welcome students back this fall and prepare for home football games.