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Satsuma Swimmer Signs to Swim at Campbellsville University

SATSUMA, Ala. - History was made Friday at Satsuma High School with the Gators swim team. On Friday, Anna Lewis became the first Satsuma Swimmer to sing a college letter of intent.

Anna signed to swim next year at Campbellsville University. 

“It’s beyond words,” said Satsuma swim coach Chris McLean. “This is only our third year into this program that we started, and to be able to see one of our swimmers that started with me three years ago as a senior now to be able to obtain a swimming scholarship is beyond amazing.”

“It’s been really incredible. Definitely God gave me the opportunity to step up and use my ability to swim and make this swim team bigger so this is a big thing for me,” said swimmer Anna Lewis.

“She has been there from the beginning with us. It’s a great loss to have to lose her, but on the other hand it’s a great opportunity for her to advance in the next step in her career,” said Coach McLean.

The Satsuma swim team is only in its third year of competition but has placed in the state tournament each of those three years. 

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