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Athlete of the Week: UMS-Wright Girl's Tennis

MOBILE, Ala. - “I’ve gotten so used to it, because we’ve won every year. But when I stop to think about it, I think - Wow, this is a really big deal because we’ve won state and we’ve beat every team in 4A and 5A so it’s awesome,” said Adelaide Bell.

10 state titles in 10 years, there are members of this UMS team that have won it all every year they’ve played.

“I have six seniors, and five of them have been on the team since they were in 7th grade,” said Coach Meridy Jones. “Two of them have played varsity since 7th grade.”

“I’m sad it’s my last year, since I’ve been playing tennis since I was little,” said Elizabeth Swain. “It’s weird to think that this is my last year being a part of the UMS team.”

Hard work and dedication have helped this team win state, but their family atmosphere is their secret to their success.

“We always laugh about our snacks at the games. When we travel the parents travel, when we go to tournaments the parents are there, we’re all very interconnected. I consider them family.
We have a different atmosphere than most teams do,” said Coach Jones.

“There’s a special bond with her that you get when playing softball for Miss Meridy. It’s like no other, she’s become a mom to all of us. It’s been amazing, we definitely couldn’t do this without here,” said Adelaide.

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