SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — The high school football season is over, and this week WKRG News 5 is presenting three end-of-season awards. On Tuesday, we honor our Friday Night Football Fever Mascot of the Year, Thor the Viking from Mary G. Montgomery High School in Semmes, Ala..

Thor the Viking won Mascot of the Week back in September, and at year’s end, it’s time to honor Katie Beverly, who wore the suit this year. Megan Easterling, cheerleading coordinator at Montgomery High, said Beverly transforms when she suits up.

“When she is in her mascot suit, she is Thor,” Esterling said. “She’s not Katie and so she gets be a whole different person. So she can be excited and have fun.”

For Beverly, the experience has been a blast.

“And you get to go to camp with a whole bunch of other mascots,” said Beverly. “It’s super fun and then you get like a leader of all the Mascots and then you just walk around and learn how to be a Mascot.”