The college football season kicked off earlier this week, and there was a full slate of games Saturday with seemingly little concern for masks, or social distancing.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) College football is back.  So are the crowds and everything surrounding game day. 

“It is almost a surreal feeling cause in high school last year, I’m a freshman, we couldn’t go to any games, we couldn’t have any large gatherings so it is just amazing to be back here,” says USA Freshman Jarred Hurst.

Looking at tailgating parties surrounding Hancock Whitney stadium on the campus of South Alabama COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be a concern any longer.

“If you have concerns, you are not going to be here,” says student Javon Glenn. “Everybody is out here to have fun, enjoy themselves.”

The use of masks is encouraged but not required at the game. Still, being safe is on the minds of some fans.

“We are all fully vaccinated and I have masks for everyone,” says alumnus Robin Adams. “If we are away from each other we will most likely have a mask on us.”

The game may be a competition, but it is also a celebration says student Dorian Curry. “It’s really good. Like last year, we couldn’t really go. You had to like draw to get to go to a game but this is the atmosphere that you want for a college game. This is really good, really enjoy it.”