METAIRIE, LA. – Both the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are two completely different teams compared to who they were when they first faced each other in Week 2.

The differences? New Orleans had a healthy Jameis Winston and Carolina had a healthy Christian McCaffery. In Week 17 the Saints are coming off a loss, where they started their fourth quarterback of the year and the Panthers are on their third.

“They’ve had a change at offensive coordinator, a new play caller, a lot of different things. You really need to rely on the tape and study it and kind of go by what you’re seeing in the games leading up to your game,” said Saints head coach Sean Payton.

“We’ve got to find a way no. I can’t talk about the past now, I’m more worried about the future. We’re just trying to find wins, man, we’re going to work hard, keep pushing and we’re going to get a win this week at home for the last one,” said Saints linebacker Kwon Alexander.

“We are not looking back, not looking on the past, not about who’s going to pop next (COVID-19 positives). Whatever happens is going to happen. As I said earlier, we have a one track mind of winning this football game on Sunday and then winning the next one and then seeing from there,” said Saints quarterback Taysom Hill.

The Saints remain one game behind the 49ers and Eagles who are both 8-7, and at the same spot as the 7-8 Falcons and Vikings in a NFC playoff race for the final two spots. Having 11 players back from COVID reserve will be helpful for the Black and Gold.

As for the Panthers, they now have a total of 13 total players on the list. However, with the leagues new rules the Panthers could have a few players back by then depending on their condition.