American Softball Association growing in second year


“You’re going to be a part of an exciting, fast-paced environment. These girls are awesome”

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – “You’re here every night and you saw wow,” said Michael A. Chiaradio, CEO of the ASBA. “It’s a pretty unique thing, we have players from all over the country. We have a rigorous process to procure players, we only invite the best of the best.”

Some of the best pro softball in the country can be found right here in Mobile.

“I mean it means everything to be able to play here locally with my family around,” said pitcher Devin Brown. “It’s awesome to have this opportunity to continue to play.”

“The fan atmosphere and being able to transfer from South Alabama and still have that fan support is awesome,” said infielder Kaleigh Todd.

Former South Alabama stars, and former collegiate standouts from all over, take the field each night in Satsuma for the second year of ASBA action.

“From day one of 2018, to where we’re at today, the continued support that we’re getting is great to see. It’s great to see little girls come out, have a great time and get to be in the dugout as the bat girl,” said Auburn Donaldson with the ASBA.

When a college baseball player’s career comes to an end, we all know they have a chance to get drafted. But for college softball players, their post-college experience is much different.

“That is the nature of the men’s game, if you hit .300 once you think you can get drafted. I had girlfriends that didn’t have that same place to go. There was a lacking there,” said Chiaradio. “I think society at large gains from having something like this.”

The ASBA is providing rising softball stars a place to continue playing the game they love, and even though the league is still young, you can already feel its impact.

“Around the community, because I played at South, they’ll recognize me for playing softball,” said Todd. “It’s really nice to have them come out and fall in love with the sport all over again.”

“I have lots of girls that I coach that come out to watch the games,” said Brown. “They love being here and sometimes coaching me while I’m out on the field. It’s really great for them.”

The ASBA continues to grow in year two, and their goal is to make sure this continues to be a landing spot for some of the best softball players in the country for years to come.

“I really hope this continues to grow the game in our area,” said Brown. “I hope people keep coming out to support it so we have a big fan base and we can continue to grow this here.”

“You’re going to be a part of an exciting, fast-paced environment. These girls are awesome,” said Donaldson.


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