Keeping Pets Safe this July 4th

July 4th Safety

News 5 is dedicated to helping your family, including your pets, celebrate this 4th of July as safely as possible. Animals have sensitive ears and holidays can cause them a lot of stress, especially when there are fireworks or other loud noises.

One local veterinarian says dogs typically have the hardest time coping.

“It’s interesting because people think dogs are acting up to the flash and everything else; it’s noise aversion,” says Dr. Roxy Leslie, owner of Village Animal Clinic in Mobile.

He says fireworks seem to affect dogs worse than other animals, and that’s why it’s important for pet owners to be prepared.

He said, “The 4th of July is the largest day of the year for dogs to go missing, and that makes it important for everybody to have collars, and ID tags, and microchips.”

Pets shouldn’t be left outdoors.

“If a dog manages to get out of your yard, he does not stop running until he feels comfortable,” said Dr. Leslie.

So it’s important to make sure they’re cozy before the fireworks start.

Dr. Leslie said, “We talk to people about different types of things to do like playing music or playing the TV loud so you can kind of distract them. There’s Thunder Shirts that work for some dogs. There’s a couple of natural products that work.”

If you know your pet has a severe fear of loud noises, there you can talk to your veterinarian about prescription products designed to help them stay calm.

“On these holidays there’s a good 20, 20-percent of dogs who come in for some kind of medication for the 4th of July. So far this week I think we’ve gone through three cases of a product that we don’t go through three cases the rest of the year,” Dr. Leslie told News 5.

If you find a dog who has escaped their yard on July 4th, in most cases, you can take them to your nearest veterinary clinic and ask them to scan the dog for a microchip. Hopefully, you can help reunite them with their owner.

Besides fireworks, five other things parents should keep away from pets this holiday are:

1. Alcoholic drinks
2. Table scraps
3. Sunscreen
4. Citronella candles and other insect repellants
5.Glow jewelry and small decorations.

These all have the potential to harm your pets, and could cause death.

It’s also extremely important to keep your pets out of the heat. If they are outside with you in the heat, make sure they have enough water and a place to cool off.

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