Celebrating July 4th safely: What’s legal and illegal when it comes to fireworks?

July 4th Safety

With all the Fourth of July celebrations, it’s nearly impossible not to think about fireworks.

All day in every newscast, we’re dedicated to helping you celebrate July 4th safely. If you’re planning to shoot fireworks yourself, News 5’s Amber Grigley is breaking down fireworks laws in Alabama and Florida.

To have your own fireworks show, or just leave it up to the pros? A simple decision that is often tested every year. Let’s take a look at what is allowed in both Alabama and Florida, as it pertains to fireworks.

Now in Alabama, when it comes to fireworks, it can get very tricky. In most of the states incorporated cities and towns, it’s illegal. For the most part, unincorporated cities and towns, fireworks are legal. providing specific hours of use and guidelines. It’s best to double check with your local fire department, to avoid getting into serious trouble.

Although it’s a split decision for illegal and legal use in Alabama, there are strict restrictions statewide on what you can fire. Bottle rockets, firecrackers, sparklers, roman candles, smoke bombs, and wheel spinners are allowed. All else is not prohibited. In Florida, it’s a different situation. It is illegal to fire any fireworks statewide.

There’s one exception to their strict law, sparklers that have been approved by the state fire marshal are legal for consumer use. at no point should you ever shoot fireworks of any kind statewide. If you fail to do so, serious fines and or charges will be filed against you.

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