GEORGETOWN, Ala. (WKRG) — Every month WKRG News 5 and our Smiles Behind the Shield partners recognize a first responder who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Well, the friends of Dale Potts say he’s done exactly that for about the last 40 years.

This surprise startled our award winner so much that he almost took off. Potts said, “Yeah, I thought, I thought something else was going on, and I was up running out the back door, and Justin and Scotty was trying to lock the back door on me, so I was actually trying to run.”

It’s a good thing he stuck around. Friends of Dale Potts would tell you that he would give someone the shirt off his own back. He’s actually done that before. It’s why now he wears two shirts to work.

Potts said, “I got 10 kids. I got 8 adopted ones. I got my two sons here to help me, and the only way to show my kids how to do right is for me to do right.”

Potts has been firefighting since 1986. He said a lot has changed over the years, but his mission of helping people remains the same.

“When you go into someone’s house and they just lost a family member or whatever and you show them compassion, and you just sit and talk to them and hold their hand, it means the world to them,” said Potts.

He said no matter what he and the team are up against, they’ve got extra help watching over them.

“I always give praise to God because without him we couldn’t, none of us could do this, you know, none of us could do this and that’s why we do it because we love our neighborhoods, we love our communities,” said Potts. While he gives praise, he also gives back. Potts told WKRG News 5 that he gives out bibles to fellow first responders, and so far, he said he’s passed out more than 500. If you’d like to donate a bible, you can contact the fire department.

Congratulations to Georgetown Fellowship Volunteer Firefighter Dale Potts.