SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — When we talk about Smiles Behind the Shield, look no farther than Summerdale Police Lieutenant Vincent Miller. He makes such a big impact, the whole school at Snook Christian Academy wanted to make sure he knows they appreciate him.

When you watch the video, you may be able to tell from the cheers, Lieutenant Vincent Miller is pretty popular at Snook Christian Academy.

Students of all ages and staff lined the hallway to the cafeteria giving high-fives to the lieutenant who’s always taken the time to lend a helping hand at the school.

We asked Lieutenant Miller, “Did you expect today anything that you saw?” He replied, “Not at all. It’s a very, very good surprise.”

Liutenant Miller’s nomination for Smiles Behind the Shield stands out. A teacher from the school nominated him saying in part, “One morning I got to school to work morning care and our alarms were going off, I contacted him and he was here quickly to help search the school. Thankfully it was a wiring issue but it was nice to have his help.”

“That’s part of our job. That’s something that we all enjoy doing is to make sure that people in the community feel safe, and that’s something that we enjoy doing,” said Lt. Miller.

Lieutenant Miller has been with the Summerdale Police Department for 11 years. He said, “From when I started till now, I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie that we’ve had as a Police Department with the with the school and in seeing people grow and seeing them graduate. I think that’s just awesome.”

This is not the first time we’ve introduced you to him either. In this story from 2017, he reunites with a woman after saving her son whose airways had closed.

Back then, just like now, he says it’s just what he is called to do. In 2017, he said, “This is our everyday type of thing.” When we spoke to him for this story he said, “I love helping people out. That’s part of something about me, and I enjoy it.”

This is why we present Lieutenant Vincent Miller our Smiles behind the Shield award.