Smiles Behind the Shield Capt. Mack Weaver, when timing means everything

Smiles Behind the Shield

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Time, we want it to speed up, or slow down and usually want more of it. On a Spring day last April, Susie Pappas thought her time was running out. “I was just going to do some yard work and was bringing leaves out to the front.” That’s the last thing she remembers. “I was in the front yard and had a cardiac arrest.”

Her son Breck drives up to moments later. “I saw her feet lying on the grass and my Dad was with her and immediately knew something was wrong.” Breck begins CPR almost immediately. 911 dispatches medics and a truck. Capt. Mack Weaver and his crew arrive in minutes. “Cardiac arrest, the heart has stopped, you’re dead,” explains Weaver.

“Within a span of 15 minutes; found her in the yard, gave her CPR, thought maybe I’d never see her again. Next thing I know I’m at the emergency room,” says Breck.

It took months but Pappas made a full recovery. She enrolled in a citizens academy at the fire department and after a CPR class one night, she had a few questions for the teacher that just happened to be Mack Weaver. “He said wait a minute,” recalls Pappas. “Where do you live? Was your son doing CPR? I was one of the responders.” It was an emotional and welcomed reunion. “Of course you never think you will meet who saved your life,” says Pappas.

“A lot of us can’t tell you why we enjoy what we do,” says Weaver. “There’s the adrenaline, big trucks, riding fast and making a lot of noise and helping people.” He certainly did that at the hospital for the Pappas family. “For him to come over and comfort us like that when we were in pretty bad shape just meant a lot,” remembers Breck.

Timing is rarely perfect but in this case, it couldn’t have been better. Thank you Captain Mack Weaver for a job well done. You are this month’s Smiles Behind the Shield honoree.


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