MOBILE, AL. (WKRG) — Finding a robbery suspect, rescuing two kids from a kidnapping, and holding a shooting suspect at gunpoint, are just some of the reasons why Mobile Police Officer James Stewart is a Smiles Behind the Sheild award recipient.

It can be difficult to catch an officer off guard, but WKRG did just that when our team arrived at Mobile Police’s first precinct.

Dana Winter said, “[The] First question I’ve gotta ask you, is this a surprise?”

Officer Stewart said, “Absolutely.”

When you talk about service, look no farther than Officer James Stewart. You could say he had a pretty busy August. He made 24 felony and 21 misdemeanor arrests, but let’s just look at Aug. 12 and 13.

On Aug. 12, Officer Stewart, along with backing officers, got information about the location of a robbery suspect. He and other officers went to an abandoned house on Victory Court. Police report Stewart knocked on the door, and after a brief confrontation with the suspect, made an arrest.

Stewart said, “Just work as a team and get the job done. That’s all.”

Later the same day, Officer Stewart got an alert about a kidnapping. He spotted the vehicle matching the description. He and backing officers pulled over the driver finding two kids in the car.

Dana Winter asked, “Why do you do this every day?”

Officer Stewart said, “Because the community needs us and you know it’s an honor to put this badge on and work among the great men and women of this city and the opportunity to give victims their voice back.”

On Aug. 13, Officer Stewart got an alert about a possible shooting suspect out of Daphne possibly in Mobile. Stewart found the vehicle and pulled over the driver on Luvenia Drive. He drew his gun holding the man at gunpoint until backing officers arrived. Stewart found a loaded pistol in the man’s car.

Stewart said, “It’s always nerve-wracking, but you know you’ve gotta swallow those nerves and let the training kick in and  do the best job you can.”

If there’s an officer like Officer Stewart making a difference in your community, nominate them for our Smiles Behind the Shield Award!