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            MOBILE COUNTY – When seconds count, will you be able to tell emergency personnel everything they need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation? 

For elderly residents who live alone, frantic parents who fear their child is missing, or disabled individuals with medical conditions, clear communication may be impossible during critical events. There may be a time when you wish you could just press a button and let police, firefighters and EMT personnel know everything they need.

                That’s why the Mobile County Communications Center has joined Smart911, a newly available app and online profile that allows you to share important details instantly with first responders when an emergency arises.

                This free service is designed to save lives by sharing crucial information about you, your family and your location with 911 call takers every time you make an emergency call. Even if you are unable to talk – due to an allergic reaction, heart attack, home invasion or shock – you can be assured that trained professionals are informed and on their way to help.

                Perfect for families, caregivers to older residents and anyone with medical conditions, Smart911 takes just minutes to register. You can enter as much or as little information as you are comfortable providing.  Simply log on to to create a Safety Profile for you and your loved ones. You’ll be able to share information about the members of your household and their medical needs. You can alert first responders on how to access rooms in your home or enter your community. Your profile can also include all the information doctors need to know about your allergies and medical conditions in a time of crisis.  Include details about your pets and your vehicles, as well as recent photos of your family.

                Once your profile is created, all the information associated with your phone number will automatically pop up on the screen at Mobile County’s Communication Center when you call 911.



5 Things You Need To Know About Smart911

1.  Smart911 is private and secure. It is part of a network of 22 million people nationwide.  The service is free for Mobile County citizen, paid for by Mobile County 911.

2.  First responders can help you faster when you provide your address, access codes, and other details about your home’s layout.  You can also upload photos of family members and pets so that all persons can be accounted for. 

3.  Elderly residents won’t have to worry about being confused or unable to communicate if a dangerous situation arises.  Medications and medical conditions are included in your Smart911 profile.

4. If you are in a car accident, Smart911 can share the make, model and license plate number of your vehicle – as well as which family members, friends or neighbors should be called in case of an emergency.

5. If a child goes missing, emergency personnel will immediately have access to a photo of your child, description and a list of any medical conditions.

To create your Safety Profile and learn more, log on to or download the Smart911 app on your smart phone today.

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Smart 911

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