Science Corner: Water Cycle in a bag!

Science Corner

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Science Corner with Meteorologist Caroline Carithers talking about how to make your own water cycle in a bag and how it works!

Needed Supplies: Ziploc bag, water, blue food coloring, Sharpie

Steps (check out the video for a visual!):

  1. Draw what is a part of the water cycle on your Ziploc with a sharpie (sun, clouds, trees, water/ground…etc)
  2. Put blue food coloring in water
  3. Pour water in bottom of Ziploc, seal shut
  4. Tape bag to window that gets plenty of sun
  5. Leave for a couple of hours and then check out what has happened in your bag!

Explanation: The water cycle consists of three basic processes: evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

When you leave your bag in the sun for a couple of hours, the sun heats the water in the bottom of the bag causing evaporation (water changing into a gas) rising. The air then condenses onto the bag (gas back to liquid) into little water droplets representing clouds. Once enough condensation has occurred, it starts to stream down the bag representing precipitation or rain.

Check out the video to see the experiment!


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