Science Corner: Make your own anemometer to measure wind speed!

Science Corner

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Science Corner with Meteorologist Caroline Carithers showing you how to make your own anemometer to measure wind speed!

Needed Supplies: Five 3 oz Dixie cups, two straws, hole punch, pencil with eraser, pin (push pin or sewing pin)

Steps (watch video for visual):

  1. Punch 4 holes just beneath rim of one of the cups an equal distance apart. Also punch a hole in bottom of this cup as well
  2. Put one straw through two opposite holes in this same cup, then put other straw through other two opposite holes in same cup (this will form a cross pattern)
  3. Punch two holes next to each other in other four cups about one inch apart
  4. Thread each end of straw through the two holes in each cup
  5. Make sure all cups are going the same way!
  6. Stick pencil (eraser up) through hole in bottom of center cup until it hits where the straws cross
  7. Put pin through straws and into eraser (not too close together, or it won’t spin!)

Explanation: An anemometer shows you how fast the wind is blowing. The faster the cups spin on your anemometer, the faster the wind is blowing (much like a windmill)!

Check out the video to see the experiment!


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