Science Corner: How to bend water

Science Corner

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – In today’s Science Corner experiment, learn how to make water bend using just a comb and your hair!

NECESSARY SUPPLIES: Plastic comb (nylon), your hair, water faucet

STEPS (check out video for visuals):

  1. Brush through your hair with the comb several times
  2. Turn on water faucet so a small steady stream is flowing
  3. Put comb near stream of water and watch the water bend!

EXPLANATION: This experiment is possible because of static electricity. Static electricity is caused when two specific objects are rubbed together (friction). In this experiment the two objects are the plastic comb and your hair. When you comb your hair, static electricity is created by the friction of your hair rubbing against the comb. This generates a collection of electric charges called electrons. The electrons that move from your hair to the comb have a negative charge. When you put that negatively-charged comb next to the water stream, the positive charged particles in water are attracted to the negative charged particles on the comb, so the water bends to be close to those negative electrons.

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