What is in the cards for the Tigers match-up in the Dome?

Road to the Championship

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- The LSU championship game is just a few days away, and New Orleans is a city that’s Filled with customs, like Gris Gris, lighting candles and even reading cards.

Check out what a local psychic says is going to happen at Monday’s game.
“So, I’m focusing on Joe because he’s a Louisiana guy,” started out Isabella Edmundson, psychic at Earth Odyssey in the French Quarter. “I would say that at this moment and time Joe has an edge but only because of the year and the energy’s of the year’s that he’s in.”

She went on the predict, “First of all one of them does have an advantage because the advantage is to the quarterback in the presence. This is usually good decisions based on spiritual.”

“Trevor is intuitive and has some old soul energy and sometimes he can be intimidating. The other thing about him is he’s totally the in the business of safety and security. There’s a similarity in the two of them because they’re both intuitive.”

Now this is interesting. Edmundson says, “They can pick up on people and their intuitions before they can open their mouths. Especially the teammates and the people around them. Both of them can pick up about the people around them.”

In the end, Isabella saw that the future is bright for the LSU Tigers and that they will go home with a win.


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