LSU’s original Golden Girls reflect on 1958 National Championship win

Road to the Championship

BATON ROUGE, La. (FOX 44) (LOCAL 33) When Glenda Lofton and Shirley Lichtenstein hear those first four notes they are brought to a different time.

“Shirley and I were both twirlers in 1958 when LSU was the National Champions,” Lofton said.

The twirlers would be known a year later as the LSU Golden Girls.

“I never realized back then it would be such a big deal now,” Lofton said.

Shirley and Glenda were two of the 16 original Golden Girls. Both women performed at the very first LSU National Championship.

“We were featured so much, and the crowds would just go crazy over the Golden Girls,” Lofton said.

Both share fond memories about how things were different back then. They both said they remember a time before LSU was in the National Spotlight.

“We are blessed to be a part of that era when LSU became so well-known throughout the nation,” Lofton said.

Many of the traditions brought up by these women inspired the traditions still celebrated today.

The women share this tradition with 60 generations of other women sharing the same love for dance and LSU football.


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