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Hulk is one of the most famous Marvel characters due to his sheer size and iconic green skin. Hulk merchandise is extremely popular with children and adults alike.

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Which Hulk toy for kids is best?

Hulk first appeared as “The Incredible Hulk” in Marvel Comics in 1962. Since then, with his famous green skin and rippling muscles, he has become one of the most iconic superheroes on the planet. Hulk’s popularity grew with his appearance in the live-action TV show and animated shows of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Naturally, Hulk merchandise has steadily grown in popularity. With the Mark Ruffalo-incarnation in the “Avengers” movies, Hulk toys for kids are now in much demand. For a ‘smashing’ time, consider the Lego: Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue, a top choice for Hulk toys.

What to know before you buy a Hulk toy for kids

Due to modern-day cinematic universes, superhero toys are often bought in sets and as part of collections. Hulk toys are no different. Over the years, Hulk has accumulated many allies and nemeses, and children naturally want to act out their scenarios. Marvel toys offer many great classic and modern collections of characters to help children build worlds and universes when playing.

Source material

Younger children are probably more familiar with recent movie incarnations of the Hulk, including Smart Hulk from “Avengers: Endgame” or Gladiator Hulk from “Thor: Ragnarok.” They may not be as familiar with the Purple Pants Hulk from the 1960s comic book that some toys represent.

Toy or collectible

Action figures are designed to be played with, but bear in mind that toys like these can potentially become collector items. The better condition a toy is in, the more value it can accrue. If you want your toy to hold any value, it should be regularly cleaned, dried and stored at room temperature. Maximum valuation requires that you never remove them from their original packaging, but where’s the fun in that?

Brand compatibility

Buying Hulk toys from different brands may mean that they are somewhat incompatible with each other. This is particularly true of action figures and their accessories. Always check the measurements of each toy bought from different companies if you intend to mix and match. For example, some Hulk action figures may not fit in every Hulk vehicle. 

What to look for in a quality Hulk toy for kids


Accessories help with the creation of worlds. For instance, Lego provides excellent opportunities for world-building and can be used in combination with other toys. A Hulk action figure smashing down a Lego building would enthrall any young Hulk fan. Children are generally more interested in an action figure that can battle against others or drive vehicles into buildings.


The MCU brought Marvel superheroes together in live-action movies for the first time in cinematic history. Children obviously want to act out the film and team up their favorite characters. Hulk has appeared with many characters on-screen. Starting collections that allow kids to imitate these movies will maintain their interest for much more extended periods.


Well-detailed toys are widely available these days. Painting and molding techniques have advanced in recent years, so any Hulk toy should have well-designed features. Articulation of joints in action figures is also an essential feature. Figures should be able to contort into various great battle poses for both play and display purposes.

How much you can expect to spend on a Hulk toy for kids

Action figures or face masks can start at as little as $10, while collectible action figures can go up as high as $700. Regular action figures and other toys cost somewhere in the $20-$60 range.

Hulk toy for kids FAQ

Which characters does Hulk team up with?

A. In modern MCU movies, Hulk has teamed up with Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Valkyrie, Ant-Man and Hawkeye, to name a few. Hulk will also team up with She-Hulk in the upcoming Disney+ series. Comic-book Hulk has teamed up with characters such as The Fantastic Four and has battled with Wolverine, among others. 

How can I play with an action figure while maintaining its value?

A. Removing a toy from its packaging will immediately devalue it. If you want to play with the toy but retain its maximum value, you should consider buying two. Otherwise, proper cleaning and storage will help the played-with toy maintain some value.

What’s the best Hulk toy for kids to buy?

Top Hulk toy for kids

Lego: Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

Lego: Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

What you need to know: This Lego toy features a number of cool minifigures for staging cool rescues.

What you’ll love: Rescue, Black Widow and Hulk are just three of the action figures included with this Lego kit. It also includes two Chitauri and their Leviathan. Rescue comes with Power Blasts and Hulk comes with an Infinity Gauntlet glove and four collectible Infinity Stones.

What you should consider: This kit is recommended for children ages 8 and up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Hulk toy for kids for the money

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Blast Gear Deluxe Hulk Action Figure

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Blast Gear Deluxe Hulk Action Figure

What you need to know: At 12 inches tall, this Marvel-comics inspired Hulk action figure is perfect for play or display.

What you’ll love: This Hulk is part of the Titan Hero Series of toys. Its size makes it great for many different types of imaginative play. It comes with packaging that makes it suitable for collecting.

What you should consider: This Hulk figure can be used with Blast Gear blasters that are sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hulk Costume with Green Cape, Eye-Mask and Smash Hands

Hulk Costume with Green Cape, Eye-Mask and Smash Hands

What you need to know: This soft costume for kids can help your child feel like they are Hulk.

What you’ll love: The soft hands have handles inside to give kids a better grip and are made with soft, cushy materials. The cape has a kid-friendly closure and the mask only covers the eyes so children won’t get overly hot like they can in vinyl masks.

What you should consider: This costume is for ages 3 and up. It is not intended for large kids or adults.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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