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There is a variety of different fire truck toys out there for children. Remote-controlled trucks can improve motor skills, while LEGO kits can inspire creativity.

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Which fire truck toys are best?

Among the first cast-iron toys were horse-drawn fire-fighting wagons. Over time, the wagon eventually became the modern-day fire truck. These toys are popular among children today because many kids dream about becoming a firefighter. A wide variety of these toys are available, from metal toy fire trucks to fire truck ride-on toys. If you want your child to get the most out of playtime, then try the Playmobil Fire Ladder Unit for well-detailed accessories that help inspire creative worlds.

What to know before you buy a fire truck toy

Emergency vehicle toys are well-liked among children, and almost every collection will contain a fire truck. Ride-on cars and remote-controlled cars are also popular among youngsters, and fire trucks versions are no different. There are some things to consider when choosing a fire truck toy for your child.


Of course, most children will want their fire truck to have flashing lights and a loud siren, and many children will be disappointed if their newest toy does not feature these. A more vivid and imagination-driven playtime will be had by any child who can add these touches of realism to their scenarios. Working water canons and extendable ladders are other features that kids will love.


Toys with rounded plastic edges are the safest to buy for young children. Beware of small parts that could be a choking hazard. Always pay attention to any age-range recommendation manufacturers give. However, you know the child you are buying the toy for best, so make sure to choose accordingly. A child older than three can still be in danger if they habitually put things in their mouth.

Accessories and add-ons

These will prolong any interest in a toy fire truck, providing hours of extra fun for your little ones. Additional emergency vehicles or firefighter figurines can help children create worlds and fuel their imaginations. Furthermore, it will also encourage interaction with other children on playdates. 

What to look for in a quality fire truck toy


For younger children, this can be simple, colorful and with cheerful features. Older children, particularly those obsessed with fire trucks, may want more realistic and authentic detail in their trucks.


If a toy fire truck needs batteries, don’t assume that they are always included. Disappointment for a child often comes in the form of a birthday or Christmas gift that can’t be played with immediately because of batteries not being included or rechargeable toys not coming pre-charged. Rechargeable toy fire trucks with built-in batteries are a convenient feature that won’t lead to disappointment. 


Actual fire trucks are durable, and your toy should be no different. However, watch out for your floors and base-boards. Strong metal fire truck toys can cause some damage when crashing. On the other hand, poor-quality plastic can easily snap. For the youngest kids, good-quality plastic with rounded edges is probably the best choice.

How much you can expect to spend on a fire truck toy

A simple, no-frills ride on can cost as little as $30. More sophisticated, electric-powered fire trucks could set you back several hundred dollars. Simple, plastic fire trucks for toddlers start at less than $10 and can go up to a few hundred dollars for more detailed and accessorized toys.

Fire truck toy FAQ

Can I use different brands of toys and accessories together?

A. Of course. It is possible to use different brands together and usually will not mean anything to playful children. The only time it may cause an issue is when using differently branded accessories. For example, a firefighter action figure may not be compatible with another company’s fire truck. Therefore, the figure may not be able to sit in the driver’s seat and race off to deal with any emergency.

Will a fire truck toy with loud sirens be annoying? 

A. This one is definitely down to personal choice. Tolerance to loud noises and repetition is high in children, while adults might have a somewhat lower threshold. Consider your own levels of toleration before buying! 

What are the best fire truck toys to buy?

Top fire truck toy

Playmobil Fire Ladder Unit

Playmobil Fire Ladder Unit

What you need to know: Recommended for ages four to ten, this great toy is part of a collection that allows for imaginative world-building in children.

What you’ll love: The detailed accessories that come with the truck range from traffic cones to firefighters that can hold the axes and fire extinguishers. Working lights and sounds help create realistic scenarios, with the extendable ladder being the cherry on top.

What you should consider: Disappointingly, the set does not include the required two AAA batteries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fire truck toy for the money

Green Toys Fire Truck

Green Toys Fire Truck

What you need to know: Aimed at toddlers from 1 year old, this fully recycled and environmentally friendly toy is perfect for younger toddlers.

What you’ll love: This toy is made from non-toxic materials and is very safe for young children. This is due to there being no choking hazards and its quality sturdy plastic. The 360-degree ladder pivots will further enhance your child’s motor skills.

What you should consider: This toy is imagination-driven, meaning there are no flashing lights or sirens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lego City Fire Ladder Truck

LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck

What you need to know: LEGO is always a great way to promote creative ability. Small parts mean this toy is suitable for kids 5 years old and up.

What you’ll love: The extending ladder rotates 360 degrees and includes both male and female fire-fighting characters. The accessories include a stud-shooter that acts as a water canon. This truck can easily be incorporated into a vast world of wonder created by your children.

What you should consider: Keeping LEGO together for very young children can be challenging and may be more suitable for older children, as there is lots of fun in the building.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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