Which Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop is best?

If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s, then there’s a good chance that you played Yu-Gi-Oh, watched the anime, or at the very least have heard about it. The game, inspired by a manga, has gone on to become one of the biggest card games in history, and continues to be played today. The manga and anime have spawned awesome Funko Pop figures worth having if you’re a fan.

From our research, the single best Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop that you can buy right now is the Funko Pop Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Blue Eyes White Dragon Collectible Figure. Funko’s rendition of a Blue Eyes White Dragon looks so detailed and original that it is a must have, not just for Yu-Gi-Oh fans, but for toy collectors in general.

What to know before you buy a Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop!

About Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh is a manga about a trading card game written and drawn by Kazuki Takahashi. The plot follows a young boy named Yugi, who solves an ancient puzzle necklace called The Millennium Puzzle and causes him to transform into his alter ego, Dark Yugi. The manga became so wildly popular that it spawned a real trading card game, as well as two anime adaptations.The game involves players drawing and battling with cards that feature different monsters, spirits, magicians, and other occult-related beings. 

Horror elements

Yu-Gi-Oh may seem like a children’s show on the outside, but deep down it’s a lot more dark and complex. While the English version of the show has been largely edited and censored, the original show had featured profane language, blood, suggestive themes and even violence. While you may not notice that in these figures, there are certain dark elements that have carried over. 

About Funko Pop

Funko Pop needs no introduction at this point: It has become one of the biggest toy manufacturers in recent history. But in case you need a refresher: Funko creates the Pop line of figurines, which feature bobblehead-looking characters and creatures from various TV shows, games, films, or just pop culture in general. You can get figures from Spider-Man to Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

What to look for in a quality Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

Accurate designs

Funko POP! Figures all look very similar, and what really makes each one stand out is the amount of detail put into recreating the source character. Whether it’s a certain hairstyle or a signature weapon, Funko is all about recreating certain details with attention and care for the original IP. If you’re looking to get a Funko Pop figure based on Yu-Gi-Oh, expect to find one that does the original manga and show justice in their designs.

Paint work

Paint work is a major aspect of the Funko Pop line, as it is what brings the character to life from just a generic mold. Pay close attention to how individual elements are painted. This may be the clothing on the characters, or the facial expression on a monster. But the paint lines should be inconspicuous and tidy.

Original packaging

Funko Pop figures all arrive in a Funko-branded box. Although the box is thin, it is part of both verifying the authenticity of the figure, as well as protecting it from light damage. While it won’t protect the figurine from a hard drop or major puncture, it will protect against dust and light scuffs. Always look out for the original box, even if you don’t plan on keeping it later on.

How much you can expect to spend on Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop Figures start at around $10. They can reach up to $100 for rare and highly detailed figures. 

Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop FAQ

Can these Funko Pop Figures stand?

A. While Funko Pop Figures are designed to stand on their own, sometimes they will have a base to help support them while standing. Keep in mind there have been complaints of certain figures not standing properly because of quality control issues.

Why do some monsters look different from figure to figure?

A. In the card game within the manga, monsters are rendered differently depending on which cards are in play. More specifically, there is a Blue Eyes White Dragon and a Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, the latter of which is a cartoon version only accessible when the card “Toon World” is in play. As the name implies, the Toon Dragon has a cuter, and more whimsical look than the regular version.

What’s the best Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop to buy?

Top Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop

Funko Pop Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Blue Eyes White Dragon Collectible Figure

Funko Pop Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Blue Eyes White Dragon Collectible Figure

What you need to know: Behold, the majesty of the Blue Eyes White Dragon now in Funko Pop form.

What you’ll love: This Funko Pop figure certainly looks like the traditional POP! figure, and even resembles the card game version.

What you should consider: Its sharp and unorthodox shape may make it more prone to damage during shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Yu-Gi-Oh Funko Pop for the money

Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Red-Eyes Black Dragon

What you need to know: One of the most popular monsters in the show is Joey Wheeler’s Red-Eyes Black Dragon, available here as a Pop figurine.

What you’ll love: Similar to the Blue Eyes White Dragon, this figurine has incredible detail and looks almost like the manga counterpart.

What you should consider: The unorthodox position and shape will cause it to occasionally fall and tumble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Yami Yugi Collectible Figure

Funko Pop Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Yami Yugi Collectible Figure

What you need to know: Get your own figure of the manga and show’s main protagonist, Yami Yugi.

What you’ll love: Beautiful details, particularly the back of the cards and the intricacy of the necklace.

What you should consider: The cards he is holding are actually blank, and it would have been cool to see real cards that Yami uses. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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