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Fortnite isn’t just a Battle Royale game. In fact, it started as a role-playing game called Save the World, where players must do just that against attacking monsters. Now, there are several different game modes, including Creative mode, where players can create their own world.

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Which Fortnite action figure is best?

Fortnite has been a phenomenon in gaming since its Battle Royale was released in 2017. Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer, has created a truly unique and entertaining game unlike any other. Millions of players across the world have dropped from the Battle Bus onto the colorful, cartoon-inspired map to fight to become the last player standing and earn the coveted Victory Royale. Aside from the game itself, Fortnite has expanded into real-life characters. Fortnite action figures represent the skins, or characters, the players can sport in the game. 

The best Fortnite action figure is the Atlantean Fishstick, which features the popular Fishstick skin decked out in Atlantis-style golden armor. 

What to know before you buy a Fortnite action figure

Battle Royale

While Fortnite does have various game modes it supports, the most popular by far is its Battle Royale. This particular model consists of a large map featuring brightly colored rivers, neighborhoods, hills, mountains and other structures. One hundred players drop from the Battle Bus, which flies over the map and each player lands at different Points of Interest (POI). From there, you discover treasure chests full of loot (guns, weapons, health items, utility tools) which you collect. You can also use your pickaxe to farm materials, which you use to build your own structures for protection against your enemies. The goal is to defeat every opponent you come across and survive until you’re the last player standing.


Skins is the gaming term used for costumes, characters or outfits. Fortnite utilizes skins to give your in-game player model some extra style. Fortnite is played in the third person, meaning you can see your entire model as you roam around the map. This makes skins ultra important from an entertainment perspective. Fortnite’s real-life action figures will represent the various skins that have been released in the game over the years. From a skeleton man, to a hamburger head and a secret agent, there are endless variations of Fortnite skins.


Pickaxes are the tools players use in-game to farm materials. Every player has one when they enter into a Battle Royale match. The original design looked much like a traditional pickaxe that an old-school miner would use to break open rocks in search of diamonds. As the game progressed, pickaxes took many different forms. Some of the most unique designs include a tree limb with an ice block filled with frozen fish, a pair of ninja swords and a staff of pure energy. 

What to look for in a quality Fortnite action figure

Back Bling

Back Bling are the backpacks players can sport in-game. While they don’t have any actual utility, they can add some extra bling to your skin, hence the name. Much like pickaxes, Back Bling started off as somewhat recognizable backpacks. But, they quickly transformed into something much more exciting. Today, you can find Back Bling in the form of a skateboard, teddy bear, scuba diving oxygen tank and a giant ant. 

Fortnite crossovers 

Fortnite is well known for its crossovers. These events consist of a separate intellectual property (IP) joining the Fortnite universe. In the past, we’ve seen Marvel’s Thor come to Fortnite with skins, Back Bling, pickaxes and even a new game mode that pitted you against Thor himself. The NFL has also inked deals with Fortnite to release their jerseys as skins. John Wick, Stranger Things, Air Jordan, Star Wars and Travis Scott have all participated by adding skins for players to wear. 


For action figures, articulation is everything. The whole point of having an action figure is that they’re capable of, well, action. Articulation refers to the movement capabilities of the figures. The more articulation points, the better the figure will move. This means their arms will bend at the elbow, their heads will turn and their legs will bend at the knee. There are more articulation points than that, but that’s what you’ll want as the bare minimum. This is necessary for Fortnite action figures if you want to wield your legendary pickaxe.

How much you can expect to spend on a Fortnite action figure

A Fortnite action figure costs $20-$40. 

Fortnite action figure FAQ

What size are Fortnite action figures?

A. Most Fortnite action figures are around 6 inches tall. This is the standard size for most action figures in general, but it’s also the designated size from the official Fortnite series of action figures. 

Do Fortnite action figures come with pickaxes?

A. Yes. If you are purchasing your Fortnite action figure from the official Fortnite collection, it will include pickaxes. Each pickaxe will be relevant to the skin itself.

What’s the best Fortnite action figure to buy?

Top Fortnite action figure

Fortnite Legendary Series Atlantean Fishstick

Fortnite Legendary Series Atlantean Fishstick

What you need to know: Fishstick is one of the most popular Fortnite skins of all time and this action figure shows the creature in an Atlantis-style costume.

What you’ll love: Fishstick stands 6 inches tall and wears gold and green Atlantean armor. He has seven accessories: a fishing pole, goldfish, two knife weapons, a pistol, mask and replacement head with an alternate expression. 

What you should consider: This figure contains several small pieces, which can be swallowed by small children. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Fortnite action figure for the money

Fortnite Tomato Town Legends Set

Fortnite Tomato Town Legends Set

What you need to know: Four legendary Fortnite skins come to life in this set of action figures from the popular Tomato Town landing spot. 

What you’ll love: Gutbomb, Hothouse, The Brat and Guaco all come with this set, each coming with their personalized pickaxe. Hothouse has a tomato head and runs the local pizza place, so his pickaxe is a pizza slicer covered in cheese. Gutbomb, the hamburger head, wields a spatula. 

What you should consider: This set is not suitable for children under 8 years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fortnite Legendary Series Midas

Fortnite Legendary Series Midas

What you need to know: In Fortnite Chapter 2, Midas is a popular skin and this action figure appears exactly as he does in the game.

What you’ll love: Anything Midas touches turns to gold, including his face. This figure features three face options, two of which are covered in gold. A gold pickaxe, minigun and gray Back Bling are also included. 

What you should consider: This figure is slightly more expensive than others of the same size. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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